January 2010 Planning Meeting

We had a good turnout for the 2010 Planning Meeting. The Upcoming Events list (most of) the dates and times with several to be announced captions. We have ideas for each meeting, so we're getting the plans confirmed before posting. But if everything falls into place, we'll have a great year. If you have suggestions for topics or tours, please speak up.

Thank you to Lynn Obermoeller for hosting our meeting and making the adorable garden cupcakes. Not only were they cute, but also delicious.

Sandy Evertowski has agreed to continue buying the door prizes, but she would like suggestions on what you would like. If there is a tool, gadget, book, subscription, plant or some other garden item you'd love to win, please let her know.

Ruth Hartsell's term as President is over this year. We'll need a new president for 2011. Any member is eligible.

The Plant Sale is in May. We've formed a committee to research sources to buy our plants from since Sue Gillies has closed Garden Glen Nursery. If you're interested in joining this committee, please contact Sandy Evertowski. We will need member plant donations and volunteers to work the sale. This year, we'll also have a non-plant table of items to sell. Your help and contributions are greatly appreciated.

One more project that will be occurring throughout the year is taking a peek at everyone's garden with pictures. Ron Trefts will be collecting 10 to 15 pictures of each member's garden and preparing them for presentation at a meeting. He has also agreed to take the pictures, if you desire. Details are still being worked out about presentation--one per meeting, several or an entire meeting. Contact Ron at trefts@sbcglobal.net

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