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NARGS Seed Exchange

I hope your gardens are doing well this year and they are generating lots of seeds that you can share with your fellow NARGS members through the seed exchange. Donating seeds from just 5 different kinds of plants will give you DONOR status, which allows you to request an additional 10 packets of seeds during the first round. Donor status also allows your order to be filled before non-donors, which will give you a better chance at your first choice (and rarer items). You will find instructions for collecting, saving, and sending seeds on the NARGS website: We are also looking for U.S. chapters or individuals to repack seeds into glassine envelopes. This is an important part of the seed exchange. You will  receive seeds around Thanksgiving and must return them by December 31st. If you need a printed version of the seed list or want to volunteer for seed repacking, please contact me at: .

Happy gardening,
BZ Marranca Seed Exchange Director
9056 County Road 142
Interlaken, NY 14847

USA Email:

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