November 9, 2013

Lunch was served at Miss Sheri's and the plans for next year's meeting activities were discussed.  Maggie D., Rosemary, Sandy and Sue, Giovanni and Dan R., Ron and Grace T., Sandy's grandson, Lois, Bruce and Chick attended.  Plans were suggested but nothing has been confirmed.  Bruce has been doing due diligence, contacting various speakers to commit to club meetings. The group voted to eliminate prizes every month.  Prizes can be brought to the meeting by members to be given away free.  Money now will be used to provide a van or small bus for a field trip meeting next year.  Suggestions were for a field trip to a winery atop the bluffs in Grafton next fall.  If you have any speakers that you would like the club to contact for next year please contact Bruce.  Sue and Sandy are planning on doing a plant sale.  They hope to be at the shopping mall in Lake St. Louis next May, where a farmers market is held.  Tentative plans are being made for a field trip to Illinois next summer.  Rosemary and Margaret are hoping to have their gardens open.  Also visit a couple nurseries in the area, have lunch, and maybe visit Bob H. train garden.  Giovanni and Dan are going to have a garden tour for the club.  A very impressive and productive lunch planning!

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