Bavarian Garden tour  

(new rock garden at MoBot)
The rescheduled Bavarian Garden tour took place on a cool Monday evening.
On our recent tour, Mariel talked about the construction and history of the garden, shared photos of it being built and talked about the materials used in the garden.  The boulders are Missouri sandstone and Mariel used haydite as an aggregate to improve drainage in the soil and also to topdress around the crowns of the plants.  Mariel pointed out some of the interesting plants in flower. Many members recognized plants in the Bavarian garden as being different species of plants they have in their own gardens, such as Hypericum and Heuchera. Mariel talked about the challenges of the garden, in particular the soil staying too wet and the southern exposure of much of the garden being too harsh for many alpine plants, which prefer some protection from the hot afternoon sun.
Greg took all the pictures.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Mariel and Greg!

Daphne x susannae 'Cheriton
Siberian Edelweiss

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